This Google Trick is not endorsed by Google and is intended for entertainment and Magician purposes only.

I love Google and use it many times everyday. I can't say enough good things about Google's brilliant Adsense program and recommend it to all web site owners. Adsense allows for several of my web sites to remain open 365 days a year and if you run a web site you must look into it.

Most Magicians desire to perform tricks with familiar everyday objects such as coins, keys, spoons and forks. The more familiar the object the more un gimmicked the object seems therefore all the more amazing when the object seems to be influenced by Magic. Google is the ultimate "everyday object" of the internet

So Google...I mean you no harm, I like our relationship and will delete these pages upon request and will quietly go and flatter some other internet logo if needed.

The Official Google site can be found at or by clicking on the trick page at the end of the performance.

Google, the Google logo, all names and pictures of Google characters, vehicles and any other Google related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of Google., or their respective trademark and copyright holders.


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