A Google Trick

By Edward Bain

The Secret: The Google search page is a complete fake located at a special url given below. It has been designed to look like a google search page. Quietly clicking anywhere on this fake page will disappear the two "O"s on a Five second count. Clicking a second time anywhere on this fake page will make the "O"s reappear in a Five second count. Clicking a third time refreshes the page to an actual Google search page leaving you completely clean to actually search the internet.

The Preparation: Find yourself near a computer connected to the internet and covertly bring up this URL Http://darkartsmedia.com/Google.html . I find that people's focus is on the Google Logo itself and pay no attention to the actual address in the Navigation or Address bar but these can be closed easily if needed within your own web browser.

The Presentation: Don't announce that you are about to do a Magic trick. This trick is best performed very casually and at a time when you are already sitting at a computer with one hand resting naturally upon a computer mouse.

With your free hand point to the Google logo and say "Watch This" at the same moment secretly click the mouse in the other hand quietly anywhere on the web page. You now have a slow count of FIVE to casually cover the two "O"s with your fingers before the "O"s slowly disappear. (You could of course simply gesture at the screen and have the "O"s disappear on their own but I find the act of actually touching the screen adds to the effect. One Magician friend of mine prefers to wipe the "O"s off with a tissue...very funny.)

To make the "O"s reappear, encourage the spectator to touch the screen using their own fingers. While helping them position their fingers over the empty spaces in the logo secretly and covertly click anywhere on the web page again and you will have a slow count of FIVE before the "O"s reappear underneath the spectators fingers.

The next time you click on the fake web page you are quickly forwarded to the actual Google search page and you may begin actual searching.

A Nice internet experience to follow up with might be THE GHOST TRICK. This effect as well depends upon touching the computer's screen.