I saw my first FeeJee Mermaid when I was in college. She was working at a sleazy sea side freak show in North Carolina. I had heard rumors she was merely a dried orangutan skull and torso cleverly sewed onto the tail bones of a large fish. I would have always believed that to be true until Mr. Parker, the owner of the sideshow, showed me what happens when you dump the dry flaky bones of the poor creature into a tank of seawater. I hear that hissing sometimes in my nightmares still. If you wish to meet her yourself...Pull the chain to raise the curtain on her tank and be certain to tell her hello from me........Oh and please do not under any circumstance click on the lock and accidently release her ...thanks, Edward Bain 2005

Dark Arts Media 2005
IF you click on the lock you will let the FeeJee Mermaid out of the tank and he will travel to STARBUCKS. It's true FeeJee mermaids love STARBUCKS coffee. They like decaf house blend and all the other coffees at STARBUCKS. When folks see the FeeJee mermaid in this animation enjoying a hot cup of Starbucks coffee I hope they get the desire to have a cup as well.